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Artificial grass is a convenient and cost-effective solution for your landscaping needs.... 

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  • No more muddy footprints!

    Artificial grass for pets offers a durable, low-maintenance solution for keeping outdoor spaces clean and green. It prevents muddy paws, is easy to clean, and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals. With a stable PU backing and eco-friendly materials, it ensures a safe environment for pets and promotes sustainability.

  • Made from Recycled Materials

    Luxury Lawns takes pride in sourcing products that are both made from recycled materials and can be recycled, acknowledging the environmental footprint of artificial grass. That’s why they are affiliated with Let's Recycle Artificial Grass. When you choose Luxury Lawns, you're choosing a garden that looks great and leaves a positive impression on your visitors, while also being mindful of the environment.

  • Get a Free Sample

    If you find yourself questioning whether our product is a suitable fit for your needs, we have a perfect solution for you. We offer free samples for potential customers. This allows you to try our offering before making a commitment, reducing any potential apprehension. You can easily request this free sample, providing an opportunity for you to experience our product first-hand. This way, you can make an informed decision, ensuring the product is indeed right for you.

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Arrange a FREE quotation

Get ready to transform your space with our top-tier artificial grass, promising a fresh, vibrant green all year round! It's not just grass, it's a complete makeover!

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Arrange a FREE quotation

Get ready to transform your space with our top-tier artificial grass, promising a fresh, vibrant green all year round! It's not just grass, it's a complete makeover!

Arrange Free Quotation

Get Interest Free Credit

DivideBuy interest free credit is available on products/services from £50 to £6000. Credit is available from 2 to 12 months. Credit offered is set by the retailer.

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Spread The Cost Of Your Lawn Installation

Spreading your artificial grass's cost is easy with Luxury Lawns' financing options. Through DivideBuy, you can access interest-free credit for installation, allowing you to spread payments over 2 to 12 months. This flexible plan ensures you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the upfront financial burden.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing artificial grass?

Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for your landscaping needs. It stays green and lush year-round without the need for watering, mowing, or fertilizing. Additionally, it is durable and can withstand heavy use, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

How long does artificial grass last?

High-quality artificial grass from Luxury Lawns typically comes with a 10-year warranty, but with proper care and maintenance, it can last up to 15 years or more.

Is artificial grass safe for pets and children?

Yes, artificial grass is safe for both pets and children. It is made from non-toxic materials and designed to be soft and comfortable. Many options also include antimicrobial properties to prevent odours and bacteria.

How do I maintain my artificial grass?

Maintaining artificial grass is simple. Regular brushing to remove debris, occasional rinsing to clean the surface, and prompt removal of pet waste will keep your lawn looking pristine. For more intensive cleaning, specialized artificial grass cleaners can be used.

Can I install artificialgrass myself, or do I need professional help?

While it is possible to install artificial grass yourself, professional installation is recommended to ensure the best results. Luxury Lawns offers professional installation services to handle all aspects of the process, from site preparation to the final touches.

How does financing work for purchasing artificial grass?

Luxury Lawns provides financing options through DivideBuy, allowing customers to spread the cost of their purchase over 2 to 12 months with interest-free credit for amounts ranging from £50 to £6000. This makes it easier to manage the upfront cost and enjoy your new lawn without financial stress.

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