Composite fencing products are an inexpensive and low maintenance alternative to standard fence panels.

Composite fencing is rapidly becoming the preferred option for homeowners when it comes to erecting fences. Made from a mixture of plastic and real wood, it retains the authentic look of traditional hard or soft wood fencing, but benefits from improved strength and durability thanks to the plastic content. As such, it’s an ideal option for those needing a low maintenance, practical fencing solution.

Why choose composite fencing?
There are many reasons to choose composite fencing over traditional wood. For example, composite fencing is extremely weather-resistant and long lasting, meaning there will be little need for maintenance or replacement. Another advantage is that it’s rot and mould resistant. This is especially important, as rot can compromise the integrity of the fence posts and spoil the aesthetics of the panels, making the fence both weak and an eyesore.

Many homeowners choose timber because of the natural finish. Composite fencing, however, looks like natural timber, coming in a range of colours to match your design. Not only that, composite fencing is easy to install and splinter proof, meaning it’s easy to work with and there’s no risk of children getting splinters while playing.

Is composite fencing eco-friendly?
As consumers look for more eco-friendly ways to furnish their homes and gardens, it’s only natural that the question of sustainability might arise. The wood in composite fencing is often made from recycled materials, and because the panels are so durable fewer replacements will be needed, resulting in fewer trees being cut down.

Composite fencing from Composite Woodshop
Our composite fencing is manufactured to the highest standard, and is available in a variety of colours to suit your design requirements. With free delivery within 2-5 days to most areas of mainland UK, and free samples available to help you choose your preferred style, it makes sense to purchase from Composite Woodshop.