One of the first companies to manufacture new plastic products from used plastics. This is typically referred to as upcycling rather than recycling.

In addition to reducing waste, a key and necessary step towards protecting our environment and preserving important livelihoods is in particular a sustainable circular economy and therefore high quality recycling of existing reusable materials. At HAHN Kunststoffe, they see plastic recycling as an ideal way to recycle consumed resources and counteract the lack of resources. For this reason, as a company they have set their selves the goal of being a global leader in the production of recycled finished parts made from post-consumer plastics to help shape the future in a more sustainable way.

They currently process 90,000 tons of recycled material a year in the form of films and mixed plastics from the Dual Systems. With their own treatment processes, they are able to achieve maximum recycling rates and keep the number of materials that end up in the waste stream to a minimum. In this way, 65,000 tons of our material hanit® is produced, which is used as a starting material for new plastic products. Instead of primary raw materials such as crude oil, they only use plastic from household and production waste to produce hanit®. Through this pioneering and efficient use of raw materials and optimal resource management, HAHN Kunststoffe want to make a positive contribution to society and our environment.

The robust and weather-proof synthetic wood is highly resistant and ideal for products that are exposed to high loads. Moisture, frost or UV rays cannot cause any permanent damage to our material - the perfect prerequisite for a very long service life. And hanit® is not only made from 100% recycled plastic, it is also 100% recyclable, thereby conserving resources and the environment over its entire life cycle.