Our Luxury Lawns grass maintenance package is an excellent choice for those who admire the allure of a well-kept lawn. This package is designed to ensure that your grass stays in prime condition throughout the year, no matter the season. Imagine a lawn that retains its lush green look even in the harshest winters or the driest summers. That's the promise of our Luxury Lawns package

Our skilled team strongly suggests at least one professional visit per year to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. If you're planning a special event, we offer the "Luxury Lawns Makeover" to ensure your lawn becomes the perfect backdrop for your celebration. This package includes comprehensive maintenance, such as the elimination of waste, debris, and any spores that might have landed on your lawn.

We also inspect seam joints, Envirofill and sand infill levels, and edging details to guarantee the flawless appearance of your lawn. If moss has accumulated on your lawn, we can combat it with a specific treatment designed to restore your lawn's health.

We extend our After Care service to all, not just our existing customers. Our pricing structure is fair and considers the size and area of your lawn. We're always ready to assist, so reach out to us for all your lawn care requirements. Let us help you maintain a lush, attractive lawn throughout the year!

Maintenance Package

0 - 50m2  £150.00*

50 - 100m2  £200.00*

100 - 150m2 £250.00*

150 - 250m2  £300.00*

*Plus V.A.T.

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