Treat the cold like a new friend

Cold water immersion is one of the best things you can do for your health. And, just like making a new friend, the journey is best progressed naturally. Take it steady.
Consider making friends with your Ice Bath at 7-10°C for around one minute, and each week, bring the temperature down and/or simply experiment by extending duration
by another 30 seconds and see how it feels. In just one month, it’s possible to work your way to lower temperatures and sit in water under 2°C for a few minutes.

Frozen features

From standard to bespoke, all Brass Monkey models include a suite of features designed to put you in complete control of your experience.


• Reinforced seat at the back for breath work / meditation
• Internal drishti - gaze point to support focus in the ice
• Lighting around bath for use at night /darker environments
• Automated temperature management, 10°C to 0.1°C
• Automated cleaning using UV and two-stage filtration
• Simple override buttons to control cleaning & freezing processes
• Weatherproof and flexible finishes
• Indoor & outdoor covers available
• Wifi enabled for over the air updates and remote support
• Mobile app supported for ice bath management

Learn more about using cold water immersion to improve your mental and physical health.

Get the look

Create your signature style with over 700 finish options made from millboard, natural wood, composite, stainless and painted steel.

• Natural wood - cedar, thermo-wood in natural, chalked or dark finishes
• Millboard - a durable resin in a wood-effect finished in a choice of 8 colour-ways
• Choose any colour or simple stainless sides
• Custom logos and prints available in hard-wearing vinyl


Prices vary based on the selected signature style.