Composite Wood Shop, a family enterprise, achieves a 5-star Google rating for top-tier customer service, quick deliveries, and cost-effective pricing. We present a variety of economical, easy-care outdoor living solutions, guaranteed by a manufacturer's warranty.

Our composite decking merges wood and plastic, providing a natural appearance with none of the traditional wood maintenance. Resilient to harsh conditions, our slip-resistant products eliminate the need for oiling, staining, or sanding.

We supply artificial grass for hassle-free lawns, composite cladding, fencing, and balustrades, and provide free samples. Businesses benefit from competitive rates and dedicated delivery. Reach out to our proficient team for guidance or visit our showroom.

Artificial grass and composite wood decking offer sustainable, low-maintenance alternatives for vibrant lawns and outdoor living areas. Cladding, fencing, and balustrades made from this material enhance property durability with a modern aesthetic.

Artificial plant walls create maintenance-free green spaces indoors and outdoors.

Nationwide delivery available.

Why Composite?

Composite wood decking, cladding, fencing, and balustrades incorporate the advantages of plastic and wood. This fusion results in a robust material that outlasts conventional wood products.

The combination of plastic's low maintenance demand and the aesthetic allure of wood fibres makes it an appealing choice. Furthermore, it's resilient and requires minimal upkeep, proving to be an efficient alternative to traditional materials.

Composite Wood Shop

  • Don't miss out on the benefits of trade discounts, especially when placing large volume orders. Our artificial grass can be precisely cut to your desired length, ensuring a perfect fit for every project. With a dedicated delivery service that comes with a trade account, your orders are always priority.

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Sample Box for Artificial Grass & Composite Decking


We offer an exciting opportunity for you to try out our products before making a purchase. Many of our composite decking, cladding, fencing, balustrades and artificial grass items come with free samples. It's an easy process to order these samples. When you're browsing on our website, simply visit any product page that catches your eye. Once there, find and click on the 'GET A SAMPLE' button. With a quick click, you're on your way to placing an order for a free sample today. This way, you can feel confident about your choice and ensure it's the perfect fit for your needs.