Covid-19 cases in the UK are expected to escalate rapidly.

From now, we are asking our staff to:

  • Continue with good hygiene, including washing hands with soap and hot water regularly.
  • Sanitise their desk/work area, door handles, phones, steering wheels & driving controls, etc., daily using the bleach spray and paper roll provided.
  • Limit close contact with others as far as possible, considering carefully your actions outside of work too.

If they develop ANY of the well-publicised symptoms of infection (a NEW dry cough or a temperature) they should not attend work under any circumstances.

If they believe they are at greater risk of infection or have underlying health issues meaning they could be disproportionately affected, they should inform management immediately.

Orders, quotes and deliveries can still be arranged at this time, but we appreciate their may be some reluctance to as the situation develops. Our team will be following appropriate guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of our customers, but please let us know if you have any special requests and we will do our best to accommodate.

We should prepare imminently for changing our working practices to reduce physical proximity (social distancing). This could mean changes to working hours and using our workspaces differently.

We very much appreciate everyone’s co-operation during what is expected to be a challenging time over the weeks ahead.

And like all challenging times, it will pass.

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You are probably already considering installing artificial grass, and it’s easy to understand why.

Picture this with me….. 

It’s 4 p.m. and you finally put the lawn mower and garden tools
away - the work is done!
You take a step back to admire your handywork.
You are hot and sweaty, but the lawn looks perfect.
Although you missed a lot today because of your garden.
You had to skip a Saturday morning brunch with your partner and tell your kids you couldn’t play football. 

— OR — 

It’s 4 p.m. and you are enjoying the late afternoon with an ice-cold drink on your decking.
Your garden looks perfect - and you didn’t have to lift a finger for it.
You took your partner out for a Saturday brunch and had time to play Nerf Gun in the garden with the kids.
With artificial grass, the second scenario can playout at your house every weekend. 
It’s time for you to stop mowing, start living, and love your lawn!  

12 Benefits of Artificial Grass  

1. Low Maintenance 
Weekends are for relaxing and recreation, not mowing and weeding.  

2. Pet-Friendly 
Approximately 27% of the UK have a pet dog as apart of the family. Absolutely 0% of dog owners love cleaning muddy paws after a rainstorm or seeing discoloured grass. 

3. Looks Perfect Year-Round 
No matter what curveballs the UK’s weather throws at you, your artificial grass will never fade, discolour, or die.
For 365 days a year, you will have a perfectly green, perfectly manicured lawn to complete your home.  

4. Safe for Children 
Dogs aren’t the only ones that can track muddy footprints into the house, the kids can get just as dirty.
And unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t leave stains on clothes.  

5. Eliminates Fertilizers & Pesticides 
To create a beautiful, pest-free traditional lawn, you must use chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. These chemicals can damage the environment by contaminating the air, soil, and water.
Artificial grass requires no fertilizers or pesticides, creating a safer lawn for your kids, pets, and the environment. 

6. Long-Lasting& Durable 
Once it is installed, you don’t need to worry about annoying upkeep for your artificial lawn. With the occasional spray-down and fluff with the rake, your lawn will last a long time. 

7. Eliminates Weeds
Weeds are a constant, widespread menace in natural lawns. You may have one or two industrious airborne weeds through the turf, but they will not occur frequently enough to be anything besides a slight nuisance.  

8. Saves Water 
Watch your summer water bill plummet once your artificial grass lawn is installed. You’ll save quite a bit of money each year because you won’t have to water your grass. 

9. Inhibits Bugs & Insects
Say goodbye to pesky insects in your garden when you install artificial turf. Burrowing insects like flying ants and grubs will become a thing of the past. 

10. No Allergens 
If you suffer from allergies, swapping out your natural grass for artificial turf may help ease your symptoms. Artificial grass eliminates allergens like grass pollen which is most common around May to July.

11. Eliminates Expensive Lawn Care Equipment 
Maintaining your traditional grass lawn costs not only money, but time and space too. Eliminating gas-powered equipment frees up garage space and the headache of maintenance. 

12. Versatility 
Artificial grass is incredibly versatile. It not only makes for a great replacement for natural grass, but it can be used just about anywhere you can think of around or inside your home, including many spaces that aren’t practical for natural grass. 

The most common artificial grass applications: 

  • As a ground cover in a dog run or pet area.
  • On swimming pool decks or pool surrounds
  • On roofs, decks, & patios
  • As a ground cover for playgrounds & children’s play areas
  • For indoor & outdoor putting greens
  • For exercise & fitness areas
  • As a carpet indoors
  • And even on walls

And many more…

Happy Customers

Checkatrade and Which? Trusted Trader reviews

The service from this company was excellent. We called in unannounced and the lady in the office (wish I had noted her name) spent so much time with us as we dithered around that we thought this company looked after its customers. We did not look anywhere else. The quote for a composite deck was realistic and the installers were fantastically polite and caring. They kept us informed throughout especially in the light of the awful wet weather in the two weeks of construction. The deck looks great. No question this is a good company to select for a decking project. ( it all started with the reception and help at the office/warehouse)


November 2022

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Excellent work, we received constructive information during the initial site survey which we took on board. We received a date for installation which was kept to and the two operatives arrived early to undertake the work. The constructed base was of a significant depth and level, The final laying of the lawn was also carried out professionally and looked amazing. In a more positive note, after a few days we noticed a light line across the length of the grass. After contacting the company it became apparent that it was a manufacturing error and the lawn was replaced without fuss.


November 2022

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After reading many reviews decided to go with Luxury Lawns. Best decision I have made in a long time. The Luxury Lawns team were professional throughout the whole process. Very pleased with the result totally transformed my front garden. I would highly recommend!


October 2022

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Excellent service, the workmen were prompt and courteous and very helpful. The old lawn was taken up the ground prepared, the new lawn was laid. We are very pleased with it and would recommend this firm highly.

Greater London

September 2022

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Luxury Lawns provided a very professional service when they installed artificial grass in my back garden. Mark visited to survey the work and was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The team who carried out the installation were punctual, friendly, hard working and finished to agreed timescales. The end result is amazing and the family are now enjoying the back garden more than ever I would not hesitate to recommend Luxury Lawns


August 2022

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The men were very good clearing all the old grass and slabs and then laying all the different sub base materials then laying the artificial grass which looks great. We would recommend Luxury Lawns for their workmanship and leaving everything neat and tidy a great job done on a very hot day.


July 2022

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Being in the trade I knew what I expected but didn’t know what I would get. The supporting literature and its info was of a very high standard, simple to understand and follow. The surveyor Mark was professional, had a friendly approach, was informative and knowledgeable. The two installers Wayne and Bob were a real pleasure to have on-site the quality of the install from top to bottom was absolutely first class two very experienced guys. Their conduct on-site was very friendly, most helpful and spotlessly clean workers from start to finish .


June 2022

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